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We are specialized in supply compressed air system, cover Air Compressor both Electric Air compressor and Portable Diesel Air Compressor, Air Dryer, Filter, Air Receiver Tank etc. We support at any kind of work on Industry, Mining and Projects: Food and Beverages, Plastic, Packaging, Printing, Pulp and Paper, Ceramic, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Metal working, Automotive, Wood working, Palm Oil, Oil and Gas, Pigging, Drilling, Blasting, Sand Blasting and Painting.

Beside rental air compressor, as one stop shopping air compressor, we sell Electric Air compressor both Oil-Free & Oil Injected type, and Diesel air compressor both On-Skid & Portable compressor

Anytime you need urgent small job or short time usage Air Compressor, just simple, call US,




phone # +62-85693985868



Fort Series with Tank         Fort Series Belt Drive             Fort Series Direct Drive            Water Z -Screw  Oil-Free 

* Inverter "VSD" model available

Diesel Compressor - Portable & Skid Type available

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